Friday, 30 September 2011

Whats going on?

This blog is my attempt to do a few hopefully interesting things. Firstly as I am working with Archaeology Scotland’s Adopt a Monument team it’s a way for people to see what we are getting up to. Secondly it will try and give some more general information on Archaeology Scotland and the exciting stuff they are doing. Last but not least as I am lucky enough to be an IFA bursary placement and this blog will help give people an impression of what that involves. I will try and update whenever something interesting occurs. Enjoy.  L
Health Warning: This blog is not an official Archaeology Scotland or IFA page it is written by me so their usual high standards should not be expected!
I am also an archaeologist both by training and design so what I find interesting may vary considerably from other's views. 
Lastly if you are concerned with high standards of written English this is not the Blog for you. I will endeavour to make it as understandable as possible but don’t expect Shakespeare.