Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Technology 2

Makkamappa: It may just be me but using software that is not developed by Microsoft can be a bit confusing. Thus it is that it has taken me until today to work out how to add pictures to my Makkamappa tags. As you may remember I was getting excited about this program which can be used to rectify any map agonised a Google map and used as an App. This allows people to wander round looking at their location on an old map. The implications for archaeology are fantastic as it’s basically a free and easy way to locate old features (providing the map is roughly accurate) without the need for EDM’s or other posh equipment. This makes exploring places past more fun too.
A Picture.
Although you do need the URL (whatever that is) of the picture (which realistically seems to mean putting the photo you want to use on Flicker first) this makes Makkamappa even more useful than I thought. We can get groups to take pictures of interesting features on their monument or in there town and once people have found the place using their App the important things can be shown to them as well as being described. An interpretation board that follows you about! (although that is slightly close to pythonesk keep left signs it would be more friendly)             
If you have an iphone, ipad or a phone that runs with Android you can now see the first fruits of this discovery by uploading my map of Dingwall from:

Photosynth: This program developed by Microsoft allows you to make 3D models of things simply by taking lots of photos of them and uploading them to the website. What I had not realised is you can also ‘geotag’ them. This means you can not only put your modal on a map but accurately scale and orientate it too. Who needs GIS or laser scanning? Not only is this easier to use it gives results that are easier to understand it’s also FREE!!!

A Photosynth on the map.
Mine is called Abandoned Settlement near Dnyit, Stirling 2 (not as catchy as it might be) try clicking and see what happens.   

Finally on a totally unrelated note hear is an article about an existing site I was lucky enough to dig at in the summer. Watch this space…

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